multi_purpura (multi_purpura) wrote in intelligentool,

THE TooL concert Minneapolis MN

"it looks like ICEscapades" a fan said of the completey white and shiney stage.
har har we all thought... what's next pengins?

NO - how about a whole stage that acts a a big projection screen.
Lit from underneith you had maynard and danny up on a plat for and Adam and Justin on the front corners of a BIG SCREEN stage. Videos and mezmeric images flowed in synch with the RIGHT ON TIME performance (one wonders - are the instruments plugged in?)

Of course, other wise we wouldn't have heard such wise cracks as "Hello almost Canada!" and "Kansas was louder....(wild cheers)... what - I didn't say louder was good." from the mouth of the band, Maynard.

And if we were blown away by the futurist stage, and the ochestral performance of a mere 4 member Band, or Helga -the german female body builder (who was really a very confident man in a splendid red tutu ("look kids that's what steroids do" - A message from maynard)
then why did they even need the lazer lights? Oh - I forgot to mention the lazer show?
Now I remember why the almost 19,000 fans looked so hazy - as the arena was being filled with smoke.
"Wings for Marie" will forever be remembered on cloudy sunny days to me, minus the river like lazers flowing directly over my head.

THey could have stopped the concert 2 times before it really ended, and I would have been more than appriciative of my ticket purchase.
However they continude through "Lateralus" and into "Anema" to fufill all our little fannist desires and really give us more than we are worthy of.

I'm very thankful that I was able to go, and hope that each fan gets their turn at a glimpse of the splendor that is TooL.
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