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Tool Fans With a Brain
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This community was created for the sole purpose of attracting tool/apc fans together for some interesting and above all, intelligent conversation.. and as much as i absolutely detest having to do this, it seems that i need to.......

some simple rules

posting pictures of the band/yourself just to post a picture of the band/yourself is not allowed, but discussing the possible meaning of tool/apc lyrics is allowed.

posting about how you think maynard is so hotttttt is not allowed, but discussing different theories presented in the tool newsletter is allowed.

posting some random crap about your day that has nothing to do with anything but yourself is not allowed, but discussing tool/apc related projects or interests is allowed.

no introductory posts allowed, people. there are ways to make your presense known in this community other than flooding our friends pages with useless crap, by like.. oh i dunno.. posting something of substance that has to do with the community. or maybe by commenting on someone else's post with an opinion related to the topic at hand.

keep the content related to tool/apc or any of their interests!: no community promos, no quizes, no gmail invites, etc etc.. you guys know the drill.

check to see if your post is a repeat!: if your post matches another one on the recent page of the community journal, i can say with confidance that we know about it already! you dont have to tell us 50 times! pay attention!

there is no membership or acceptance to gain in this community. join, read, comment, post something worth the effort to type. if you violate any of these rules, your post WILL be deleted, and if you do it again you WILL be banned. use common sense, because you only get one warning. its as painfully simple as that. there are other communties out there to post pictures and all that other nonsense in.

lets put it this way: i would rather not see any posts here at all, than see a bunch of drivel.

and you know? dont be a dick. if i deem you a dick, you will feel my wrath and possibly be banned, depending on your level of dickness. dont bring your internet quarrelling foolishness here. there are plenty of other places on livejournal to pound your keyboard like an ape.

seriously, i'm so tired of reading about how some little tart thinks maynard is GODDDDD and wants to have his babies. where are all the intelligent fans who listen to the music for the MUSIC? if youre one of these people, please join, for the love of all that is holy.

created by circe67, co-moderated by queen_sheila